Friday, June 7, 2013

Blog Moved -

I bought server space on with bitcoin! I learned how to use! I moved this blog to:

Please follow me there. I will no longer be posting on! I loved you blogspot, but I wanted to make my own site with my own domain name :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rosetta Stone Log # 2 - Reviewing family names

I shot through another chunk of Rosetta Stone, and I'm now past the farthest I have ever gotten in this program. I'm into Unit 2 or Level one, and it's still all review of everything I know. They are reviewing family names like "Father & Mother". I wasn't familiar with some variant names for daughter and son, other than that it was about an hour of more review. I wish it was possible to turn off the Hirigana character learning. I'm pretty much front to back fluent with Hirigana. Katakana I'm at about 95%, with the very odd occasion I mix one of the characters up. Kanji... I don't even want to talk about kanji. Anyways, here is my current report.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trying out Coinbase as a bitcoin wallet - do you own any bitcoin?

Trying out Coinbase as a bitcoin wallet - do you own any bitcoin?

Coinbase is awesome! This is the site that works with the Humble Bundle. This site is very professional and I plan on using them for any future web store I plan to make to accept Bitcoin. You can also use this site to buy/sell Bitcoin. If you don't own any Bitcoin yet, you need to get some now while it is still low enough for regular Joe's to afford.

Rosetta Stone Log - # 1 Free for Military (Air Force) Members

I will be starting my JAP111 class in a couple days and I'm really excited! I'm a little scared because the class has a huge drop out rate. I have years of experience with the language, and I'm hoping I will do OK. I've been really bored without any classes too. The Air Force got approved to get free Rosetta Stone for members again, they renewed their contract. If you are military go to the Joint Language University and sign up to get in line to get Rosetta Stone for free! I'm going to start posting my reports to keep a log of my progression with the program. After about a month I'm almost done with the first unit. I have started the Rosetta Stone about 3 times and have never made it to unit 2 without skipping lessons. I wish Rosetta Stone had social interaction with Twitter and Facebook. Anyways, here is my report for today.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More new Coins! WorldCoin (WDC), GameCoin, PowerCoin, FireCoin2, Doubloons

I stopped paying attention to the forums because I was busy at work. The masses are making coins like crazy. Five new coins I've noticed, all of them seem pretty much the same as all other coins. A couple have already been crushed by 51% attack. I was all about competition to Bitcoin, but this has gotten out of hand. There are new coins every day now. I'm starting to lose interest because it's too hard to keep up. If anyone is interested here are all the new coin posts with their wallet files and pool information